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Skin Care Innovation Lab

Research and Development


The road to success is paved with many challenges – with InSpec Solutions, you don’t have to face them alone. As leaders in the field of health and beauty product manufacturing – from skincare to cleaning supplies to antiaging and intimate care products (and anything in between) – we make sure to offer exceptional services at every stage of the production process.

Whether you’re on the lookout to develop a brand new product or you only wish to add your unique touch to a pre-existing winning formulation our team has already developed – we got you covered. We proudly stand behind our work and we make sure to test, re-test – and test again(!) – all to ensure impeccable client satisfaction.


Do you have a product in development but you just can’t seem to get it right? Are you trying to improve your current formula but you can’t find the secret ingredient? That’s where our chemists take the scene! No, love is not the secret ingredient – your recipe for success lacks InSpec Solutions’ touch – put your trust in us and you’ll get to the top of the market.

Think of InSpec Solutions as the mediator between your goals and your success. Our highly skilled R&D team, however, doesn’t negotiate with the market – instead, they know how to work it. There’s no room for negotiation as we make sure to develop top-shelf products that appeal to your target audience and bring profits in return.

InSpec Solutions makes it happen.


Our formula for our mutual success is simple: we listen to your idea, add the right ingredients, tell your brand story – and the magic happens. The end result remains the same: if you’re our customer, we bring customers to you.

We’ve gotten this far by always staying up to date with the latest market trends, be it a ground-breaking ingredient or a new and improved formula. InSpec Solutions strives to bring the value of your product up while driving your manufacturing costs down.


We understand your goals and we operate at your level. Once you meet with us, we’re all in. Forget about back and forth communication between your project manager and ours. Putting all our cards on the table is how we conduct business – we bring forth representatives from all teams – including R&D – even at the consultative onboarding meeting.

By putting the R&D team right in the mix, we ensure clear communication even when the discussion gets heated with technical, scientific terms. We rely on operational excellence to achieve greatness, and the only way to ensure overall project success is by joining all our forces together.

Product Testing is Our Strongest Suit

Product incompetencies mean business failure. Quality testing should be your top priority before offering the product to the general public as the overall effectiveness of your product can make or break your business.

Not only does InSpec Solutions guarantees high-quality final output, but we also have rigorous monitoring protocols set in place to ensure there are no costly delays at any stage of the production process.

We put the focus on transparency. Before the product goes into development, we make sure to fully vet your request to figure out the best way to make it happen. Once we develop and you approve the product, our Quality Control team moves on to testing and monitoring products.

InSpec Solutions’ QA team is rigorously monitoring the whole R&D and production process to achieve consistency and ensure your complete satisfaction with the final output.

Product Worthy of Your Brand


Much more than these tests, we invest time in testing every production batch against product specifications. This way, our QC team leaves no room for error and always delivers a product worthy of your brand. Building brand awareness is much more than marketing your business, it’s about providing your customers with products that they’ll keep coming back to – and that’s what InSpec Solutions delivers every single time.

Another important aspect of manufacturing is packaging and labeling. Our in-house Regulatory and Compliance team provides thorough compliance reviews after evaluating whether your product is in compliance with the market’s standards, ensuring your products won’t have regulatory risk.

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