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Sunscreen Manufacturing

As the largest organ of the body, the skin needs protection at all times. While we all need Vitamin D, too much sun exposure can cause a lot of damage and trigger unwanted conditions. From premature aging to sagging, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, age spots to skin cancer – there is a lot at stake if you don’t care for your skin properly.

These disturbing facts have encouraged people to turn to sunscreen as the only way to curb the negative effects of sun exposure. Using sunscreen on a daily basis has created a large demand on the market and this ever-growing business allows room for other skincare brands to join in.

If you want to complete your product line with high-quality sunscreen products, turn to InSpec Solutions as your private label manufacturer. Whether you were thinking of producing mineral or chemical sunscreen, we got you covered.

Share your idea with us and let us work our magic on creating superior sunscreen products that will appeal to your customers. We can be as involved in the process as you want us to be – from creating a winning formula to packaging and label design.

Chemical & Mineral Sunscreen Manufacturing

What makes InSpec Solutions the leader in private label manufacturing is our commitment to providing clients with virtually endless options.
Whether you’re looking to produce mineral or chemical sunscreen - we have both. InSpec Solutions offers a broad assortment of existing formulas - or we can create brand new formulations for you.
Depending on your audience’s preferences, we will help you invent branded, top-shelf, customized sun protection products that exceed expectations. All InSpec Solutions products are made with our proven mineral and chemical sunscreen actives in our FDA and EPA registered facility.

SPF Testing

We substantiate all claims for every formulation based on targeted regulatory requirements. We conduct all testing from in vitro, In vivo, critical wave length, broad spectrum, to water resistance. All formulation undergo Accelerated stability studies to help determine shelf-life.

All formulation which become commercialized undergo a thorough Validation protocols to ensure homogeneity, and adherence to all product specifications. All batches are tested for physicals, analytical and micro testing prior to release.

Product Options

When you partner with us, you can create an SPF product that you didn’t think was possible to manufacture. Whether your product line was missing an SPF lotion or a hydrating moisturizer, our team can develop the formula for you.

InSpec Solutions manufactures all kinds of products in different formulations, including creams, sticks, lotions, serums, gel, balms, and tints with higher or lower SPF levels.

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