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Face Care

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Face Care

Grapefruit Chamomile Acne Face Wash

Salicylic Acid & Citrus Face Cleanser To Reduce the Appearance of Acne

Enriched with a number of skin-loving ingredients, our face wash eliminates oil and dirt and clears breakouts and blackheads. With glycerin addition – an efficient hydrating system – the gel texture won’t dry out the skin. 

The salicylic acid gently exfoliates the skin to help prevent pores from clogging. The inclusion of salicylic acid also plays an important part in reducing inflammation while deep-cleaning pores and breaking up the oil and dead-skin-cell matrix, making it the perfect choice for those with acne-prone skin. It not only treats existing acne but also drives the risk of future breakouts to the lowest. If other salicylic acid based cleansers were too harsh on your skin, our formula incorporates chamomile extract to calm and soothe the skin. 

Key Benefits:

  • Relies on the power of salicylic acid to deep clean the skin and treat acne
  • Gel texture particularly good for extra-oily skin 
  • Oil-free
  • 100% naturally derived pink grapefruit extract

The Pink Grapefruit and Grapefruit extracts we included in our formula take the efficiency of this cleanser to the next level. Our face washer delivers therapeutic cleansing experience, boosts the anti-aging benefits, and deeply hydrates the skin. Thanks to the Vitamin C content, our formula acts as a natural exfoliant, while lightening dark spots and nourishing the skin. 

All in all, our product lets you be in charge of acne, delivers a much-needed moisturizing infusion to your face, and contains potent anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins to rejuvenate and brighten your skin.

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What Makes It Work

How To Use

Salicylic Acid – topical salicylic acid treats acne by reducing swelling and redness and unplugging blocked skin pores to allow pimples to shrink. It treats other skin conditions by softening and loosening dry, scaly, or thickened skin so that it falls off or can be removed easily.

Jojoba – provides a gentle exfoliation to the skin while cleansing.

Chamomile – Helps calm the skin and reduce the appearance of redness.

Vitamin C – Grapefruit extract rich in antioxidants with strong brightening, anti-aging, and cleansing properties. 

Gentle massage a pea size amount of cleanser to wet face and neck. Rinse thoroughly.

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